Each staff member will be entitled to 15 paid day off per year. This time can be used for sick days or vacation.

For sick days, the staff member shall report their absence directly to the Client at their earliest availability to do so. For vacation days, single day time off requests shall be requested within one day in advance and multi-day vacations at least five business days in advance. The staff member shall submit all vacation requests to the Client first before seeking approval from the HR department.

Time off exceeding one day per month shall reduce the Client's monthly invoice by the following amount per day missed:

  • Full Time VA - $40 reduction per day missed

*Note: If your VA is a Dedicated Editor and they are absent, any images edited by the PhotoUp editing team will be deducted from your plan credits.

All staffing and human resource practices, including but not limited to hiring, wage controls, holiday and overtime pay, sick leave, maternity and paternity leave, disciplinary action, termination, and other staffing and employee-related policies, shall fully comply at all times with the Philippine Labor Code, hitherto the ‘Labor Code’. Should a case or dispute ever arise wherein a provision of this Agreement violates the Labor Code, the Labor Code to prevail in all matters of this Agreement.

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