The Client and Provider agree to not solicit for hire or otherwise contract, form a partnership or any business entity, affiliate relationship or any other relationship in which monetary value is exchanged for services, with any current or future staff members employed by the other Party for a period of two years beyond the last date of employment of each employee with their respective employer.

The Parties agree in their respective businesses each Party has acquired and developed certain trade secrets, including but not limited to proprietary processes, sales methods and techniques, and other like a confidential business and technical information including but not limited to technical information, design systems, pricing methods, pricing rates or discounts, process, procedure, formula, design of computer software, or improvement, or any portion or phase thereof, whether patented or unpatentable, that is of value to each respective Party, collectively the Intellectual Property, henceforth ‘IP’. The IP of each respective Party shall be strictly confidential between the Parties and not shared, disclosed, or distributed, in part or whole, with any third-party individual or entity without the prior written consent of the other party.

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