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Object Removal Costs
Object Removal Costs
Find out how much your object removal will cost (on average).
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This is a comprehensive list of specific objects and the cost to remove them from your images.

  • Realtor sign removal +1 credit.

  • Flash Reflection in a Window +2 credits.

  • Photographer in Mirror +1 to +3 credits.

  • Camera in a Mirror +1 to +2 credits.

  • Car removal +3 to +4 credits.

  • Small objects such as water bottles, pens or glasses on counters or desks +1 credit.

  • Multiple small object removals +1 to +4 credits - typically +1 credit per item.

  • Removing pictures from walls +1 to +2 credits.

  • Removing Pet Food items +1 credits.

  • Removing Pets +2 credits.

  • Removing kennels and carrying cases +3 credits.

  • Removing a handful of leaves +1 credit

  • Removing more than 10 leaves +3 to +4 credits

*Note, these are simply an estimate of the cost. The actual cost will be determined based on the size and complexity of the object that needs to be removed from the image.

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