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Revision Requests

All clients are able to request revisions up to 4 days after delivery.

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Revision Requests

All clients are able to request revisions up to 4 days after delivery. After 4 days, any revisions will need to be uploaded as a new batch. The client will pay 1/2 the cost of the batch in order to revise the images after the 4-day revision window. Should you regularly need to make revision requests beyond 4 days, please contact our support team at and we will try and accommodate your request.

To request a revision, click on the circular icon with an arrow above your image, save your request and then click “request revisions” when you’ve added all the photos you would like revised. (Revision Tutorial) Please be as specific as possible for what you would like adjusted when making a revision request as this is the only way we can ensure you get an edit more to your liking the second time around.

Revision requests will be delivered back to your account based on how many images you are sending back for revision:

  • 1-3 photos = 3 hour turn around

  • 4-10 photos = 6 hour turn around

  • 10+ photos = 12 hour turn around

Revisions requested over the weekend (Saturday and Sunday) will be delivered as soon as possible, however, due to limited staffing, weekend revisions are not guaranteed to be delivered until Monday.

Revision requests are intended to be used when the images you receive are not up to your typical standard and therefore are not deliverable to your clients (i.e. you would like a small change made). Revisions requested by your realtors or their clients are not the intended use of the revision system. Please complete these requests on your own or upload them as a new batch.

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