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Billing Policies
Billing Policies

Payment scheduling, adjustments, overage credits, and billing processing.

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Billing Policy

Payment Schedule: You have the ability to split your monthly bill into 4 separate payment dates throughout the month. You also have the option to select what percentage (%) of your bill will be paid on each date, with the exception that 50% of your total bill must be paid on or before the 15th of the month.

  • Example: Joe set up his Payment Schedule to bill him for 60% of his Pro plan on the 5th of the month and the remaining 40% of his plan on the 15th of the month.Total Pro Plan = $900 40% on the 5th = $360, 30% on the 15th = $270 20% on the 20th = $180 10% on the 25th = $90

Should you not be able to pay your bill within 3 days of your payment date, your account will be locked until you are able to successfully make a payment. After 30 days of missed payments, PhotoUp will terminate your account and send your outstanding payments to collections.

Adjustments: Billing adjustments (additional credit charge or credit refund) can be made to your account at any time during the month. Typical causes for a billing adjustment to be made could be any of the following:

  • Batch/image note requiring additional time for premium editing service (object removals, interior sky replacement, lawn replacement, etc)

  • Refund credits (late batches, corrupt files, duplicate images, etc.)

Overage Credits: Once you have used your plan's allotment of credits for the month, you may continue uploading images through your account. These “overage credits” will be the same $ per credit rate as your current subscription plan. You will be charged for any overage credits on the first billing period of the following month. You may set up to two billing dates in your Payment Schedule.

Billing Processing: All payments will be completed in USD.

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