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What is included in 1 credit?
What is included in 1 credit?
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What is included in a Standard Edit (free of charge)

  • Sky replacements on exterior photos

  • Cord removals

  • Photographer/flash pop removals

  • Dust spot removals

  • Realtor sign removal

  • Adding fire to the fireplace

  • Adding an image on a tv screen

  • All basic color and exposure corrections

Basic and Advance Add-on Editing Options (additional charge):

Basic Add-ons

  • Window Masking - Included with HDR

  • Flash Shadow Removal - 1C

  • Lawn Patching - 1C

  • Panoramic Stitching - 2C

Advance Add-ons

  • Object Removal - 3C

  • Lawn Creation - 4C

  • Day-to-Dusk Conversion - 5C

  • Major Object Removal - 5Cโ€‹

    Click here for images and descriptions of our premium editing options:

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