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Who will be editing my photos?
Who will be editing my photos?
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Your account will be assigned to a specific number of editors based on the subscription plan you choose.

Micro & Beginner & Starter Plans = Distributed Editing - Your batch will be edited by the first available PhotoUp editor (Pool of 150+ editors)

Basic & Lite Plans = Group Editing - Pool of 4 to 10 editors and roughly 5 to 20 clients sharing those editors.

Pro & Premium & Team Plans = Team Editing - Still a pool of 4 to 10 editors for 80 to 90% of editing but you'll get your own small team of 1 to 2 editors within that pool, who will hopefully do at least 50% of all your editing  in order to increase the consistency of your results.

Above 4,000 credits year round = Dedicated Editing - You get a dedicated team of 4 to 10 editors (or more - depending on their size). These editors are fully dedicated to these clients as long as the client had a batch in the queue.

All of our editors work out of our PhotoUp office in Cebu, Philippines where they are trained and fostered not only in photo editing but also in setting and accomplishing life goals and becoming leaders in their community.

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