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How do my photos get assigned to editors?
How do my photos get assigned to editors?

How PhotoUp deals with quality and consistency of your images

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PhotoUp offers two different types of editing; Distributed Editing and Dedicated Editing

Distributed Editing - Your batches are assigned to editors based on your shooting style, editing requests, and past ratings. The more you rate an editor as “Looks Amazing” or “Looks Good”, the more frequently those editors will be assigned to your edits. If you rate an editor as “Looks Okay” or “Looks Terrible”, those editors will be less likely to receive your edits in the future.

Dedicated Editing - Choose to work directly with one of our editors on a daily basis. Select your Dedicated Editor(s) based on your previous ratings or upload a Dedicated Editor Trial batch to find your favorite editor. Your Dedicated Editor is 100% dedicated to your account and you’ll be able to communicate with them directly during their shift.

For more information on Dedicated Editing, click here.

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